We carry out detailed studies to determine the exact origin of defects, to assess the capacity reserve, and to implement the appropriate repair or reinforcement solutions.

These studies are based on complex calculations fed by real hypotheses of structure operation (investigations, surveys, monitoring) and transcribed in a note of shared hypotheses serving as a basis for modelling. The calculation models can be calibrated by load tests.

The results can be used for a post-critical behaviour analysis to assess the structural health reserve of a structure.

Diadès carries out, through expert, neutral and independent partners, complete diagnoses to deal with any problem.

This complementarity concerns all types of tests and investigations on concrete and stone, as well as in the following fields

• monitoring,

• anticorrosion diagnosis,

• paint diagnosis,

• mechanical and physical laboratory tests on metal,

• Vibration analysis and structure signatures,

• radiography,

• crossbow tests,

• electromagnetic impedance recognition (cables),

and also :

• topography,

• optical analysis or stereo photogrammetry,

• geophysics,

• geotechnical, geological, and hydrogeological surveys, etc.

• hydraulic studies and water law files,

• …


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