These missions concern detailed studies of the service levels of structures, by analysing the real residual bearing capacities of the structures beyond the regulatory verifications, and by accompanying these measurements with post-critical calculations based on targeted investigations. These measurements are often accompanied by adapted monitoring programs and allow to determine the predictive behaviour of structures.

These missions can be used to alleviate or postpone major maintenance and repair/reinforcement programs due to budget or operational constraints, for example.

We also carry out “forensic engineering” missions in order, for example, to trace the precise kinematics of the ruin of a structure, within the framework of an expertise operation for example.

These missions can combine maintenance, programming, monitoring and follow-up of the behaviour of materials and structures. They can be used in particular by concession grantors to guarantee the condition and validity of the concession contract for an infrastructure, or by concessionaires to obtain a road, motorway or rail concession, within the framework of a call for tenders for concessions.

Grand Port Maritime of Marseille – Barge

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