Our missions include studies of repair, reinforcement, widening, rehabilitation, or development of structures. They correspond to the Preliminary Project (AVP), Project (PRO), Consultation File (ACT 1), control of the execution studies (VISA) in the sense of the MOP law. They also include preliminary repair studies (EPROA) or pre-projects for the repair of engineering structures (APROA), or files for consideration (DPC) according to the practices of the project owners.

Depending on the nature and procedures of our customers, we can adapt the program to each operation.

Before starting a project, our missions can concern preliminary studies or feasibility studies aiming at refining and orienting further the diagnosis-prognosis, by serving as a basis for the future prime contractor program.

We also produce bid analysis reports, corresponding to an ACT 2 phase.

Réseau Ferré de France – Modernisation of the Le Buisson – Siorac railway line

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