Diadès, a Setec group company

Diadès, a company of the Setec group, is specialized in structural diagnostics and has as its main missions

  • Diagnosis engineering, maintenance, repair, and durability studies of engineering structures (bridges, reinforced walls, tunnels, dams, etc.), industrial civil engineering structures (factories, silos, chimneys, etc.) and maritime structures (wharves, dikes, etc.), private or public buildings and historical monuments.
  • advice, training, and assistance to public and private project owners in the management of their patrimony, maintenance, upkeep, pathology, diagnosis, repair, and durability studies of their structures.
  • research with authorized organizations in the fields of maintenance, behaviour, structural durability, and forensic engineering.

The activity is part of a generational context of sustainable development, in order to pass on to future generations an existing patrimony in the best possible condition.



Our fields of activity

Tunnels and underground structures


Diadès has developed specific expertise in tunnels and underground structures. Our experts take part in specific training courses and our inspectors, specially trained in-house, are equipped with equipment specific to this type of mission.


Setec is the first engineering company to have carried out complete tunnel inspections in accordance with the new fascicule 40 of the technical instruction, combining the skills of Diadès (civil engineering), Setec ITS (electricity / barriers / detectors), Terassol (geotechnics / geology) and Setec Tpi (equipment / fans / accelerators).





Dams and hydraulic structures

The complementarity of Diadès‘ expertise in the field of diagnostics enables it to offer complete services for these specific structures. On its own, in association with other subsidiaries of the Setec group (LermTerassolHydratec, Setec Energie Environnement) or with other external partners, Diadès carries out diagnostic or prime contractor missions for these specific structures.


Diadès has developed a specific expertise in the inspection of dams by drone.

Buildings and towers


Diadès intervenes to carry out complete diagnostic missions of buildings or towers, with appropriate means of access adapted to the geometry of each structure.


Diadès carries out inspections and complete diagnostics, with the possibility of targeted loading programs, to validate in-situ the capacities of a building wishing to increase its functional capacities or be brought into seismic compliance.


Chimneys and industrial civil engineering


Diadès works with many industrial companies to help them implement a proactive patrimony management policy, based on asset management, in order to carry out preventive rather than curative maintenance of their patrimonies.


We also intervene to carry out complex diagnostics and expertise and to propose quick and optimized repair solutions.


Our personnel are BOSIET trained and work in both SEVESO classified sites and in ATEX environments. Diadès is committed to the MASE approach.


Diadès has developed specific methods for inspecting industrial chimneys by drone, including the interior.

Port and airport


Diadès has developed real expertise in the field of large port structures (door-ships, dry docks, quays, etc.). Diadès offers complex diagnostics (materials, structures, calculations), in association with Setec Tpi and Lerm, integrating all the specificities of these sensitive structures.


From inventory and patrimony management to prime contractor for repair work, Diadès has numerous references in the field of port and airport structures.


Exceptional works


In France and abroad, Diadès has numerous references in the field of exceptional structures. Whether it is for the elaboration of maintenance manuals, for initial detailed inspections or for complete monitoring cycles, Diadès intervenes in a specific and adapted manner, according to the operation, and in adequacy with all the exceptional characteristics of these unique structures.


Diadès is also involved in developing instrumentation and monitoring programs for these exceptional structures; and uses the results of the instrumentation in conjunction with the designers to ensure that its clients can follow up the exploitation in complete safety.

Road and highway bridges


Diadès intervenes at all levels of diagnosis, studies and prime contractor for road and motorway bridges, whatever the type of material and structure.


With almost 50% of its turnover in this field of intervention, Diadès has developed real know-how dedicated to this type of work, integrating all the specificities and facets of the profession, including operating issues that are increasingly restrictive for the project owners.


Railway bridges


Whether in S9A3 (worksites on closed lines) or in S9A1 (worksites on operated lines), Diadès is involved in diagnostic and “Study and Works” prime contractor missions on all types of railways bridges.


On its own or with the companies of the Setec group, including Setec Ferroviaire, Diadès has numerous references for rehabilitation or regeneration of structures, some of which are very old or classified as historical monuments.


Our teams and our qualifications

Experts from the technical network, project managers from the major French engineering companies, engineers and technicians from the best specialized schools, inspectors trained in-house, our staff is specialized in expertise, diagnosis and repair studies of civil engineering works and buildings.


The complementary nature of these dynamic teams enables us to offer missions covering all phases of a rehabilitation, repair, and reinforcement operation, from patrimony management to prime contractor.


Our staff has the capacity and approval to intervene in the different levels of site security (ATEX, GIES II…) and is qualified by COFREND Magnetic penetrant testing Level 2.


Our engineers are certified in cathodic protection Level 2 and Level 3 concrete by CEFRACOR according to the new NF EN ISO 15257 standard.


Diadès has various qualifications from the OPQIBI and is committed to the MASE approach.



Our clients