We provide consulting and project management assistance to all our clients. From advice on asset management to external prime contractor controls during the design phase, we provide specialized and recognized expertise on the various themes of civil engineering maintenance.

We bring an independent expertise in the elaboration of specific investigation programs and in the drafting of specifications (inspections, investigations, monitoring). We use the results in our own calculation models of structures in degraded mode, in order to provide, within the framework of the diagnosis-prognosis, a precise answer to the Project Owners in terms of financing their operations and in terms of safe operation of their potentially degraded structures.

We are approved as a training organization by the FAFIEC and, as such, we propose and develop specific training programs for the various project owners (SCA, EDF, SNCF, etc.), paid for by the approved organizations.

Our main engineers participate actively in various working groups (AFGC, PIARC, IMGC, …) and teach in many technical and engineering schools (CHEC option CHEMER, ISBA-TP, INSA, Polytech Lille, Master IMRO Egletons, ENTPE, etc.) and many professional training organizations (PFC, …). We also carry out research missions for authorized organizations such as ANR, IREX or ANVAR…, in the various fields of maintenance, diagnosis, repair and durability of civil engineering structures.

Centre new industry and technology - EOLE LA DEFENSE

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