Calculation software

  • PYTHAGORE (Setec TPI software for three-dimensional finite element calculations with pre-stressing, phasing, non-linear, …)
  • ARMATEC (Setec TPI software for reinforcement calculations)
  • ST1 (2D/3D bar structure calculation software)
  • CESAR-LCPC (Finite element calculation software)
  • ROBOT MILLENIUM 2014 (Three-dimensional finite element structural design software adapted to BIM)
  • CDS (Section Checking Software)
  • ANSYS (Numerical simulation software)
  • RIDO (Software for calculating the elastoplastic equilibrium of retaining structures)
  • VOUTE (Masonry vault calculation software)
  • MUR (Calculation software for retaining walls)
  • NEOP (Neoprene support design software)

Drawing software

  • Autodesk® Suite 2021 (CAD software)
  • Illustrator (Vector drawing software)
  • Photoshop (Retouching of orthophotographs)
  • Arcmap (GIS software) in order to use the orthophotographs of the drone inspections and to carry out certain defects mapping
  • 3D reshaper (Point cloud manipulation software)

Development software

  • WINDEV 18 (Windows development)
  • WINDEV Mobile 18 (Tablet development)
  • WINDEV V22
  • WEBDEV 15 (Website development)

Diadès internal software



  • Dia-Map ® (Automation software for the processing, positioning, and mapping of surveys carried out with the Diadès drone)
  • Dia-Map ® V2 (3D modeling and pathology management)
  • Dia-Map Vision ® (Viewer of data defined in the Dia-Map software)
  • Diag-OA ® (Management and prioritization software for engineering structures)
  • MD-Photo (Photo processing and management software for integration in reports)
  • Map Drone MD47 (Software for the automation of the LCPC test method N°47)

Special equipment

  • Diades inspection drones,
  • Ultrasonic metal and paint thickness gauge,
  • Video endoscope,
  • Balls fissurometer,
  • ATEX digital camera with flash and zoom,
  • Boat with motor, various small equipment.

All this equipment is used for specific controls



Photogrammetry software





  • Pix 4D 
  • Metashape (Photoscan)
  • Acute 3D