TOTAL – Complete project management of the injection work to the cracks in caissons T7 and B11 of the NKP barge

TOTAL E&P CONGO owns a floating oil platform (Floating Production Unit) made out of prestressed concrete, off Pointe Noire in the Congo. The platform was built in Marseille in 1994 and towed onto the 170-metre deep N’Kossa oil field, 60 km from the coast, in 1996. Inspections of caissons T7 and B11 carried out in 2011 revealed defects (including cracks, leaks, concretions and splinters of concrete) which required specialist maintenance operations in order to preserve the classification of the prestressed structure considered as a vessel. It is from this perspective that TEPC tasked DIADES with recommending, customising and following a course of necessary works to ensure the durability and continued use of the structure.


Client & Project Manager



Preparing the tender documents by defining the particular specifications dues to the location of certain cracks under the level of the water. Managing the works on the off-shore site while the  platform is in operation

  • Prestressed concrete platform
  • Consisting of 3×13 caissons
  • Length: 220 metres
  • Width: 46 metres

Mission of Diades

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The task involved carrying out the complete management of the project (from planning to works) to inject and seal the cracks in caissons T7 and B11 of the NKP barge. The task includes:

  • Preparing the technical specifications and information for the tender documents,
  • Analysing the tenders,
  • Approving the construction documents,
  • Overseeing and managing the works,
  • Approving the works on completion

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