SNCF – Detailed Inspection for damage report – Roquemaure Viaduct LGV Mediterranean Line

As part of its’ duties for the monitoring and maintenance of its heritage sites, SNCF must conduct regular inspections of its’ structures Because of the severe constraints concerning the LGV lines and their access difficulties, the work of monitoring and inspection of Roquemaure Viaduct are carried out, as with other overpasses, with a lightweight pilot-less drone. The viaduct has two electrified tracks carrying the TGV Mediterranean line between Lyon and Marseille. It crosses the Rhone alongside two existing bridges: the A9 AutoRoute bridge- and The D976 Road Bridge.


Client & Project Manager



Roquemaure 3

For the processing of data retrieved during our mission, we used our internal Dia-Map V2 ©software. It gives us a unique approach to the structure by projecting the photographed and mapped disorders onto a 3D model of the structure. The processing and analysis are made on the basis of semiautomatic detection of disorders by mapping analysis and image processing.

  • Variable inertia box Girder Bridge
  • Length : 680 metres
  • Nombre de modules : 8 modules

Mission of Diades

The test mission was carried out in partnership with SNCF management and their innovation team.

The mission aimed to provide the following:

  • Raw images of the structure
  • Image details allowing damage inspection with a precision of 1 / 10th millimeter,
  • Summary report with identification of observed damage,
  • Mapping of problem areas

roquemaure 1