SNCF Réseau – Reopening of railway line Pau – Confranc between Oloron and Bedous

The operation consisted of the reopening of the Pau-Cangranc railway line between Oloron and Bedous, which is located in the departement of Pyrénées Atlantiques (64).

This single-track line will be electrified, form part of the UIC 9 AV group (with travellers) and commercially operated by the SNCF (TER).

Diades, as Setec Ferroviaire’s sub-contractor, carried out the diagnostics and the rehabilitation studies of 150 line structures as follows:

  • Engineering structures (25),
  • Hydraulic structures (46),
  • Tunnels (7),
  • Retaining walls (72),

In order to provide a better understanding of the structures, specific investigations were carried out in respect of the large metal structures (inspections, dimensional measurements, and underwater investigations).

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Client & Project Manager



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The reopening of the railway line connecting Oloron to Bedous has a particular political, environment and economic context.

The project phase studies required particular attention to identify, specifically, the techniques proposed on the structures in the direct vicinity of the Gave d’Oloron:

  • Reopening of a railway line which has been shut for 30 years
  • 150 structures diagnosed

Mission of Diades

As part of the work of the project management consortium, from project planning to the works themselves, Diadès carried out the following tasks:

  • Analysis of the pre-project planning area,
  • Visit of the line’s 150 structures.
  • Feasibility study and qualitative analysis to optimise the perimeter based on financial criteria and maintenance of the structures in the medium term.
  • Recalculation of the line’s small metal structures,
  • Inspection and dimensional measurements of two large lattice- type metal structures (spanning 45m and 65 m),
  • specific investigations to determine the mechanical properties of existing metal structures,
  • Paint sampling and laboratory analysis to diagnose waste and determine the presence of heavy metals and asbestos,
  • Running underwater investigation,
  • Project planning (PRO),
  • Preparation of tender documents (DCE),
  • Assistance in awarding contracts (ACT),
  • Project conformity assessment and approval of plans (VISA),
  • Supervision of works (DET),
  • Approval of works on completion (AOR).

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