SNCF – Rocky trench between La JurasseTunnel and the RocheusesTunnel – Detailed Inspection by Drone

As part of its missions for monitoring and maintenance of its patrimony. SNCF must conduct regular inspection operations of its structures. Due to heavy operating constraints and difficulties of access, SNCF plans to conduct monitoring and inspection of these works using a lightweight pilot-less drone. This background has led SNCF to conduct a campaign of partial test inspections of earthworks by drone.




Client & Project Manager




Rocheuse 2

Creation of a model taking into account the elements located above the DEM surface (of Digital Elevation Model).

  • Slope height : 40 meters

Mission of Diades

Our mission was to make a detailed inspection of all of the linings, walls and riprap between the portals of the tunnel and around them.
The elements and disorders noted are :

  • walls and riprap masonry (runoff, centimetric bulges, absence of rubble, roots passing through the masonry …) Rolling track: general form of protection, state assemblies rails / sleepers, boulders contained in the back, nature, unitary and total volume,
  • Scree Chamber in the tunnel portals (state of the masonry, volume of materials contained …) rock wall (roots of plants in the rock, isolated boulder blocks (volume and location including on railway platform).