Réseau Ferré de France – Renovation of tracks between Paray le Monial and Montceau les Mines

The French railway network RFF wished to modernise the railway line located in the department of la Côte d’Or, and connecting Montceau les Mines to Paray le Monial. This 36-km line is on non-electrified double railtrack.

The main objectives of the task are:

  • Reinstate the line’s original rail speed,
  • Increase this speed when the geometry so permits.

This study related to:

  • 3 multi-span stone viaducts,
  • Several stone walls and riprap,
  • 2 earthworks that support the railway line,
  • Various single-span concrete and stone structures with modest apertures (of approximately 1 m to 20 m).


Client & Project Manager


Carrying out a Pre-Project/Project to, firstly, determine the structures’ existing capacity to meet the program requirements, and, secondly, to rank the structures according to their condition and the feasibility of financing the works.

  • Renovation project relating to approximately 40 engineering structures and 2 earthworks
  • 25 structures selected within the area of the works

Mission of Diades

Within the project management consortium, DIADES provided complete project management in respect of the restoration of engineering works as part of the renovation of the railway tracks between Paray le Monial and Montceau les Mines, including:

  • Pre-project and Project,
  • Ranking recommendations according to technical, safety and financial perspectives
  • Recalculation of existing structures,
  • Tender documents (DCE),
  • Assistance in awarding contracts (ACT)
  • Project conformity assessment and approval of working plans (VISA),
  • Supervision of works (DET),
  • Approval of works upon completion (AOR).

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