GRDF – Frédéric Mistral Bridge at Valence – Pipeline Inspection by drone

GrDF monitors its infrastructure to detect potential causes (preventive) of damages to transport structures (third party works, changes of a natural origin).
The provision relates to an inspection by drone of a pipeline on the underside of the Frédéric Mistral bridge (civil engineering works).


Client & Project Manager



In accordance with the drone overflight regulations, our mission was carried out with a two-week permit obtained from the two prefectures affected by the work. The piloting from the river banks involved a maximum distance between drone and pilot of 100 meters.

  • Girder Bridge, Steel-reinforced concrete mix
  • Length : 522 meters

Mission of Diades

grdf mistral

Our mission was to perform a diagnosis, which consisted of:

  • the state of the mechanical protection of the overhead crossing
  • the condition of the paint or lining of the pipeline,
  • the state of the support system,
  • the state of corrosion of the pipeline due to the supporting systems,
  • the visible state of corrosion in the transition area. (air/material).