ESCOTA – Detailed inspection of the Langesse tunnel

The Langesse tunnel is located on the A8 motorway between Aix-enProvence (exit 31) and Meyreuil (exit 32) in the department of Bouches-du-Rhône (department number 13). As part of the regulatory framework of the ITSEOA, ESCOTA-VINCI motorways ordered the periodical detailed inspection of the two tubes of the Langesse tunnel.

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Client & Project Manager

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Given the operational constraints, the operations had to be carried out at night, with closure of two lanes per direction out of three. As the structure does not have any ramp lighting, our “Lumaphores” lighting apparatus was positioned along the length of the structure to enable the walls to be inspected in optimal conditions.

  • Tunnel consisting of unidirectional tubes with three traffic lanes per tube.
  • Length of north tube: 82 m
  • Width of north tube: 13.6 m
  • Length of south tube: 74 m
  • Width of south tube: 13.65 m
  • Height: 4.,85 m

Mission of Diades

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Diades carried out a periodical detailed inspection of:

  • The two tubes in their entirety,
  • The zones of influence,
  • The upstream and downstream tunnel entrances.

The periodical detailed inspection carried out by DIADES revealed the unstable areas of levelling filler presenting a potential danger to users, and the consequent need for specific treatment to all these areas.

The work, which was carried out using a type 1B hydraulic lift, enabled the hollow-sounding areas in the levelling filler placed over the concrete reinforcement to be removed, and the areas of risk to be removed directly during the course of the inspection.

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