EDF – The Gittaz Dam – Inspection of walls by drone

The Gittaz dam forms part of the Roselend-St Guérin complex. It provides additional storage of 13.7 hm3 and feeds the reservoir of Roselend, whose water drives the turbines at the hydroelectric power plant at La Bathie. It was first put into service in 1968.


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It is a concrete arch dam made up of 11 plots of approximately 12.15 m and of two extremities on the left and right banks of 12 and 19 m in length. The upstream wall is a cylinder of revolution with a vertical axis with a 180 m radius.

  • Total length: 65 m
  • Height from foundations: 66 m

Mission of Diades

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The task was to carry out a detailed inspection of the upstream and downstream walls of the dam and define the defects located on GPS coordinates, and determine the quantity of defects using Dia-Map© software developed by DIADES.

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